CyberGhost VPN – Reliable Performance Meets Easy-to-Use Interface

What makes CyberGhost VPN immediately stand out from the rest is it offers a completely free service, but there are some restrictions that are worth mentioning. What are these restrictions, you may ask. These include getting queues every time you want to connect, advertisements popping up every 90-minutes, and access to a very limited number of servers. Furthermore, free users have to deal with the service auto-disconnecting you after 3-hours of use, albeit you can immediately reconnect afterwards. To get rid of these restrictions, you will need to go for one of the paid options, although these won’t hurt your wallet too much. But what you can get is a reliable performance with an application that is quite easy to use.

CyberGhost VPN - Reliable Performance Meets Easy-to-Use Interface

CyberGhost VPN Does Not Log Your Browsing History

True to its name, CyberGhost VPN does not log anything when you browse the Internet with the application and its services turned on. The app’s main servers are located in Romania, which is great news if you really value your privacy when surfing the Internet. This is because Romania is one of the few European countries that have remove national data retention laws based on the 2006 European Data Retention Directive as the people of said locale found such an aspect to be unconstitutional.

Regardless if you’re a free or premium user, you are only allowed up to one simultaneous connection. If you opt for CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus, then you will be able to connect up to 5-devices within any given session. The service also offers a free browser-based proxy service.

Further boosting the service’s love for privacy and security is the fact that all payments are accepted through third-party payment processors. This means that the company that handles the service will not have any details regarding payment transactions on file.

As mentioned earlier, the CyberGhost VPN has a nice browser-based proxy service that you can use. In it, you will be able to gain lots of information about VPNs along with many other topics, as well. There are a lot of helpful statistics regarding government and DMCA requests received within the previous calendar year.

There are many things to like about CyberGhost VPN such as its free service (albeit it gives you limited options), support for P2P, no logs being kept, transparency in descriptions, and the service even accepts Bitcoins as a means of payment. Speeds, on the other hand, are a bit questionable because they can become unreliable at times.


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CyberGhost VPN – Reliable Performance Meets Easy-to-Use Interface
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