Daisuki App – Much Love and Much Hate

Daisuki is yet another anime streaming website that follows the footsteps of Crunchyroll and Funimation; anime steaming services don’t differ much from other streaming services such as the ever popular Netfilx, and Hulu. The bigger question is, with other already-established streaming services with fairly decent lineups what does the newcomer have that the others don’t?

Daisuki App - Much Love and Much Hate

Daisuki is Great, if it’s Working

The first thing you’ll notice with Daisuki – both the streaming site and mobile apps have a nice UI that strays from traditional web layouts in favour of their own flair, with a general color scheme of black and yellow along with gray to add contrast and readability, the overall look is sleek and almost videogame-like or applet like. Upon opening the app, you’re greeted with a splash screen showing Daisuki.net and its subtitle “Anime Consortium Japan”. First run will ask the user for an email account to sign up with the service and once that’s done, you’re brought to the main anime selection screen. The anime selection screen is presented with the full show artwork in the background while the scrollable list is scrolling diagonally, it works but it’s more aesthetic than function really. Touching anywhere on the screen and dragging vertically will expand the list allowing you to choose a series. At the bottom right is the options button giving you access to your favorite titles, your profile, and to log out. Opening one of the series from the list brings you to the series info screen which includes the series info, episode list, a drop down button for synopsis as well as staff and cast information. Touching an episode will bring you to the video player, the app automatically rotates to landscape and the video loads for you to view.

For features, there’s not much to talk about for this app as it behaves more like any other streaming app. Daisuki for Android seems like it worked on UI before function first. The video player is slow especially when compared to YouTube, it seems that it’s not efficiently coded to stream comfortably in below average connections. Being a free app, there are ads that can’t be skipped. While viewing a video there’s an “X” button on the top right that closes the video but prompt you in case you touch it accidentally and then you’d have to load the video all over again. Aside from a slow player, the app also bugged a few times during review as it seemed to forget your login details after closing the app.

With the streaming service app market is quite populated, few only deliver the legal streaming sources and Daisuki is one of them, despite buggy it does look sleek and if you have a decent connection, you won’t mind the slow player; the clunky controls just need getting used to.


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Daisuki App – Much Love and Much Hate
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