Dali Katch Review – “Eye-Katching” Looks

If the pun in the title didn’t throw you off yet, then know that the Dali Katch is portable Bluetooth speaker that is quite the looker. This is made for anyone who would like to add a splash of design into the otherwise quite boring designs of many wireless speakers on the market. Furthermore, it even promises superior audio quality courtesy of the brand’s advanced digital technology that works along with specially engineered drivers. So what’s the catch? You will have to spend more than your average portable Bluetooth speaker on this one.

Dali Katch Review - "Eye-Katching" Looks

The Dali Katch is Certainly a Looker, for the Price

The Dali Katch might already fill your expectations on how it presents itself if you’ve already been a fan of the brand for quite some time. Their full-sized speakers have great designs, which comes to no surprise that their portable speaker division would have similar tastes in looks. With this particular model, it comes into the market with a pill shape that is donned by an aluminum cabinet. In just about every which way that you look at it, it is oozing with class. And it’s not just the design that is a marvel but it’s build quality as well. It is remarkably solid as it is made out of aluminum and ABS/polycarbonate.

If there is one caveat with regards to its design, it would be the mesh panels found at the front and back of the Katch. This is because they feel a bit plasticky to the touch, which does deviate from the entire premium experience.

When you’re already interested in purchasing this particular portable Bluetooth speaker, know that they do come in three colors, them being Dark Shadow, Cloud Gray, and Moss Green. With these color combinations it might mistake you that the device comes from a clothing store rather than a company specializing in offering audio-listening devices.

So it does look really good, but what does the Dali Katch sound like? When you stream a few tracks with this particular speaker, and you will immediately know that your money spent on this unit was all well spent. It is not just within the looks division that this model is an excellent performer but also for the audio that it produces. It is able to bring about a multi-layered, muscular sound that has the necessary kick and detail to your favorite tunes. Ultimately, if you really want a portable speaker that is worth your money (and you will have to spend more than normal for this one), then waste no second thought on getting this because it’s going to be worth it.


Where to buy Dali Katch?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Dali Katch online.

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Dali Katch Review – “Eye-Katching” Looks
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