Dashbot – Make Your Car a Smart Car

Dashbot - Make Your Car a Smart Car

Because of Dashbot, shortly you will have the ability to boost your automobile in exactly the same manner of Amazon Echo’s voice control over connected gadgets. Dashbot is an in-car robot that allows users to dish out orders for endeavors – like playing music or sending texts – while they drive.
Once you have set Dashbot on your dashboard and matched it by means of your smartphone, you will instantly have the ability to ask it things as you’d amazon’s alexa. for example, to play music you merely say “Dashbot, play Justine Bieber’s greatest hits” (if you are into that kind of thing). It will also direct you to your destination without it being necessary for you to squint at a tiny map on your own cellphone – LED prompts on the screen will show you which direction to turn, accompanied by sound cues through your stereo. And it gets better: the makers also have baked in alexa, if you are already used to living with echo, you will manage to reel off all manner of requests using alexa’s 1,000+ abilities. Incorporating the Dashbot in any car (new or old) is easy – merely plug it into a USB or 12V outlet for electricity, and connect it to your stereo via audio jack or bluetooth for sound. Very best of all? This auto upgrade is extremely affordable.


Where to buy Dashbot?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Dashbot online.

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Dashbot – Make Your Car a Smart Car
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