Dell Precision 5510 Review – An XPS 15 With a Makeover

For those of you who have experienced the Dell XPS 15, then you might find the Dell Precision 5510 to be a similar sort, except the latter has a bit of makeover placed on it, especially with regards to its workstation. As a matter of fact, the new machine even puts the “work” in workstation. This new laptop is essentially a makeover of the already magnificent Dell XPS 15, but it does swap the Windows 10 operating system with a more business-friendly Windows 7 OS. While there are those that won’t approve of this, it does come with quicker performance features while stripping away unnecessary features that were found within the XPS 15. Doing so does bring the cost down, but this is a business-centric machine, and not a glorified gaming laptop.

Dell Precision 5510 Review - An XPS 15 With a Makeover

The Dell Precision 5510 Puts the “Work” in Workstation

The Dell Precision 5510 is every bit the beautiful machine that the Dell XPS 15 is. It presents a two-tone color design, which is made out of black and silver. Thus, it does give off an “Oreo” effect that might be just beautiful enough to eat (but don’t). The design choice makes the laptop to be elegant as it is premium. Furthermore, the looks exercise minimalism for the most part, especially when you look at the lid as it is unadorned except for the company’s logo.

This “less-is-more” approach is only be broken on the base of the keyboard, as there are Windows and Intel stickers on it (7 in total), and they are, quite lazily, applied only by hand. Nevertheless, the design and build quality are top notch, especially the latter property as the Precision 5510 is made out of a magnesium-alloy body, which means that it can stand up with the occasional knocks and scrapes and brush them off like nothing happened.

Turn on the display and you would be hard-pressed to look for a laptop that has the same kind of performance as this one. There are multiple positive things to note when it comes to its screen. For starters, it is able to deliver a sharp UHD resolution of 3,840 x 1,440 pixels, and it also offers an impressive color saturation performance. There are also wide viewing angles, and the high color accuracy makes it even a must-buy for image-editing professionals.

If there was once major caveat that the Dell Precision 5510 has, it would be that of its battery. While the laptop is adorned with great features, the battery life could not handle much of its high performance capabilities. Hence, when you do some serious work with this, it might be wise to leave it plugged into a power outlet.


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