Destiny: Rise of Iron – Update Will be Content-Driven

As far as the Destiny: Rise of Iron update is concerned, developer Bungie aims to let gamers try out and embrace the improvements when the patch arrives, according the Game Spot. Eric Osborne, Community Manager, stated the following to Cinema Blend as to how Bungie has worked so hard to create the upcoming expansion that a lot of gamers are looking forward to: “This new story is much more heroic and heraldic, borrowing from some Norse themes…From Lord Saladin to the names of the weapons you get in the Iron Banner, it all has these hints at this historical legacy, which kicked off this idea of exploring the past, finding out about these lost heroes, how they defended the city and what the Wall was all about.”

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Update Will be Content-Driven

The Destiny: Rise of Iron Update Will Have a Focus on its Story

Destiny: Rise of Iron will let gamers enjoy a bunch of freebies and power-ups that will come through gears that were brought into the game from its April update. But that’s not all, because, as mentioned earlier, the developers are aiming to let gamers focus more on the game’s story rather than its multiplayer aspects. The upcoming patch will include things like seeing “Lord Saladin,” as he will have a more active role like calling the Guardians to embark on a journey with him. In that expedition, players will have to find out what truly happened to the “Iron Lords.”

The Rise of Iron update for Destiny is expected to launch in September of this year, and it will be filled with a bunch of new tasks for players to try and accomplish. To start, it is reported that players would have to climb up “Felwinter Peak.” That’s not all as they would have to claim a new social space wherein brand new missions, as well as characters, await the players’ arrival.

Furthermore, and with like other downloadable content (DLC) expansions, this upcoming update for Destiny will be filled with a bunch of new goodies, and not just the new characters and missions. The patch will also include new Strikes, a new Raid,, new equipment for the character classes, new public events, a new multiplayer mode, as well as new maps.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be released for the game on the 20th of September this year. The update will only be for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Those who have the PlayStation 3 version of the title will sadly not be able to get the update.


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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Update Will be Content-Driven
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