Deus Ex Go – A Satisfying and Intricate Puzzler

These days, anything with the word “Go” is immediately associated with the hit mobile game of Niantic Labs which is Pokémon Go, but Deus Ex Go is not such a videogame wherein you would catch digital monsters. This title follows within the step-by-step footprints from other mobile titles made by Square Enix such as Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go. Like those aforementioned two mobile games, you would move from one node to another in order to complete single-level puzzles. While seemingly simple and easy to accomplish at first, you might find yourself scratching your head in wonder as you will keep on thinking “What should I do next?” As a matter of fact, this mobile game that has a theme that directly comes from the popular Deus Ex game takes that challenging formula and bumps it up a few notches with new enjoyable complications.

Deus Ex Go - A Satisfying and Intricate Puzzler

Deus Ex Go Brings New Ways to Make You Think

Deus Ex Go was just recently released for Android and iOS devices, and it takes place within the same universe as, you guessed it, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Theirs is also a story to be told here; Adam Jensen needs to solve a global conspiracy that is full of twists and turns. To do that, he does have an array of tools at his disposal. For instance, he can turn himself invisible so as not to be detected by guards, manipulate platforms to trap enemies, or hack turrets so that these assist him instead of his opponents.

Deus Ex Go (iOS and Android) retains the simplicity that has been found in Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. However, the puzzles, mechanics, and even the plot have been given more depth. The levels, albeit short, are plentiful. Also, as mentioned earlier, the level of difficulty with move up rather quickly. In fact, straightforward as it may seem at a glance, it does require a bit of brainpower for you to progress through each level.

In Deus Ex Go, you might even find yourself backtracking more than you did than in Hitman Go. There are also more enemies to encounter this time around. There are distinct animations, as well as radical color changes, whenever your opponents spot you. The feeling is intimidating, and it does give you a bit of paranoia just to scramble your train of thought in achieving your goal. If you want to check this game out, you can do so by going to the App Store for iOS devices or at Google Play for Android devices.


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Deus Ex Go – A Satisfying and Intricate Puzzler
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