Devialet Gold Phantom – A Tiny Change Made it a Whole Lot Better

When you play some of your favorite tracks with the Devialet Gold Phantom, the experience can be summarized in two words – extremely awesome. There is nothing short of mind-blowing once you get to hear what this speaker system is capable of. All you have to do is turn it on, feed it some music, and lay back to enjoy the ride.

Devialet Gold Phantom - A Tiny Change Made it a Whole Lot Better

The Devialet Gold Phantom is Nothing Short of Astonishing

The product manager who is in charge of the Devialet Gold Phantom roll-out Romain Salzman traveled from New York to France just to give a preview of the speaker. The system is already out for pre-order. “Without even knowing it people play music on our speakers very loud,” Salzman said while giving the preview of the device to Esquire. “But it’s so clean and precise, it doesn’t feel loud,” he added while blasting music with the sound system.

Perhaps what can be said about the beauty of the performance of the Devialet Gold Phantom speaker system to be all true, as Salzman stated his neighbors were not complaining during the hour-long demonstration he did as he played several tracks from Pink Floyd to Debussy.

The audio system is able to dish out 4,500-watts of power, and it plays music at an audiophile’s dream range, which is 14hz to 27khz. In other words, this speaker system puts about every other wireless speaker on the market to be nowhere near to what it can handle. Also, it also obviously means that it carries a pretty hefty price tag. But even though you do get some of the basics within, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity (this is a wireless speaker after all), the connectivity options are vastly superior than most high-end speakers. This allows you to enjoy the best possible audio reproduction of your favorite tracks.

“Our vision is to be the worldwide leader in audio, like Apple is in computers and technology,” Salzman tells Esquire. “That’s why we’ve teamed up with Apple and made the Phantom series of speakers available in Apple stores. Also, our speakers aren’t inexpensive but they are still affordable. This is really audiophile quality that’s available to everyone.”

Salzman also added the following while talking about the Devialet Gold Phantom: “It’s also a different way of experiencing music. You would never sit down and listen intently to music from a Sonos system. That’s for background music—when you’re cooking or doing things around the house. Our speakers really engage you in the music. It’s a whole new level of listening, but it’s also not just for audiophiles, where some people hear the difference and others don’t. People are always saying, after they experience our systems, ‘OK, I’m not an audiophile, but these are amazing.'”


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Devialet Gold Phantom – A Tiny Change Made it a Whole Lot Better
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