Digital Camera – How to Master the Art of Focusing

If you own a digital camera, ensuring that your subject stays perfectly in focus will produce desirable results. One of the basic rules of photography is to make sure that you’re subject stays as sharp as possible; well, that is unless you’re going for a motion blur effect then that’s a different story. Most modern cameras do offer a number of ways in assisting photographers to take sharper photos. If you want to make sure that your models and/or your subjects stays perfectly in focus for each of your shots, read on to know more.

Digital Camera – How to Master the Art of Focusing

Learn the Art of Focusing Properly With Your Digital Camera

The first tip to learn, or even master focusing when using your digital camera is to make do with manual focus; even though there are a ton of modern cameras that would allow the lens to focus automatically, they will still allow you to adjust the focusing on them through manual means.

So when should you use manual focus? The best scenarios to use manual focus are when you’re taking pictures of still objects. Since you’re going to adjust the focus manually, it might take a while before you can get that perfectly sharp focus. Manual focus is very hard when you’re doing certain aspects of photography such as taking pictures of random people on the street. Furthermore, if you’re having trouble with watching through the viewfinder of your digital camera, you can switch to Live View to take advantage of the rear screen.

Aside from using manual focus, you can also set your camera to a single shot autofocus setting. This setting is often abbreviated as single AF, and turning this feature on will let your camera focus automatically on a single point. To do this, turn your camera’s automatic focusing back on (we won’t be using the manual focus for this step). Then, turn your camera to the target that you want to take a picture of, then do a half-press on the shutter button. Half-pressing the button will allow the camera to focus on the subject first before taking a shot. If you’re sure that you want to take the shot, just continue on by pressing the shutter button all the way.

But what if you want everything in the picture taken by your digital camera to be in focus? Then instead of opting for a single AF, you can set it to matrix. This way, your camera will do all the “heavy lifting” and will try to focus on as many subject or objects within the frame as possible.


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