DKnight MagicBox II Review – Bang for Your Buck

Right out of the box, the DKnight MagicBox II doesn’t look like much, but the price tag will certainly be very appealing as it is found in a budget-friendly point. However, it can be quite scary to purchase a cheap wireless Bluetooth speaker because many claim to promote good, or even great experience that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Even though this particular speaker has its own set of shortcomings and flaws, you might forgive it because of its price. Ultimately, it will give you great value for the price you have to pay to get it.

DKnight MagicBox II Review - Bang for Your Buck

You Might Forgive the Faults Found in the DKnight MagicBox II Because of its Price

Taking the DKnight MagicBox II out of its packaging, and you will be graced with a fairly small box-like thing. Inside the standard packaging, you will also get a micro-USB charging cable, a 3.5-millimeter audio cable, a slim bass pad, and the instruction booklet. For its size, the footprint of the second iteration to the DKnight MagicBox is exactly the same as the original model. For those who don’t know their dimensions, they both measure it at 6 x 2 x 1.6-inches. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two models is something that you can’t immediately see, and these are the drivers powering the audio.

For the DKnight MagicBox II Wireless Speaker, it is now powered by 10W drivers found on the inside. For comparison’s sake, the original model was powered with 6W drivers. According to what the company says, it is now able to provide a fuller low end performance. For its design, it is still arguably a black box that has speaker grilles found on three sides. There is also a soft plastic covering the top, bottom, and fourth side. While build quality is not the best on the market, as mentioned earlier, you might forgive it because of its supremely low price.

When it comes to what the DKnight MagicBox II with regards to low end performance, it does add more than enough bass but it is not the cleanest performer you will find on the market. There are times that the low end signatures will drown out the other areas of the sound spectrum, therefore the best way to get the most out of its audio performance is to play your tracks in a moderate volume because there will be some distortion found at higher volumes. Overall, it can still perform good enough, for its price.


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