dokiWatch – The Smartwatch for Kids

Smartwatches are known to be worn by teenagers and beyond, but for those who are found within a younger age group, there’s the dokiWatch. This is a smartwatch that is specifically made for kids. It feature video calling, GPS locator, fitness tracking capabilities, phone functionalities, and more. Created by Doki Technologies, this watch is made for kids that are of ages 6 through 12. It even has safety features such as GPS tracking to allow parents to always know the whereabouts of their child.

dokiWatch - The Smartwatch for Kids

The dokiWatch is a Smartwatch for Kids Ages 6 to 12

There are many parents who deem that their kids are not ready for a smartphone just yet, and for that reason, there’s the dokiWatch. With this watch, there’s not a lot to do with it, but its features are already made for the right levels of fun and safety for your young ones. It even has a video calling feature, in which is advertised to have the first one to have on a kids’ smartwatch. Your kids can see you as they talk to you, and likewise you can see them with the use of your smartphone. Should you want to conserve on battery, the watch also has phone features so you don’t have to make use of the camera when making calls. On the other hand, your kids can also use the watch to make a call, like when they need to go to grandma on their own for lunch.

As mentioned earlier, the dokiWatch Smartwatch has tracking and safety features embedded into it. It even has an Emergency SOS Mode, wherein it can be activated and a number of procedures will take place. For instance, an emergency notification will then be sent to all the preset contacts, then there will be a 80-second recording of your child’s voice, or any background noise that the watch picks up, which would also be sent to all the preset contacts. Finally, there will also be an immediate update as to the location of your child, and this will remain active every 60-seconds until the wearer cancels the emergency situation.

The dokiWatch is not all about safety and ease-of-use, as there are also other fun features for your kids. For instance, there’s the dokiPet, wherein your child can grow their very own pet monster right on their wrists. Taking care of the pet also doubles as a fitness tracker, because the monster will grow the more your child stays active.


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dokiWatch – The Smartwatch for Kids
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