DOOM – Summer Updates Revealed. Premium DLC Pack Announced.

While it was time for Bethesda to shine on stage as they laid out their announcements for their games for this year’s E3 conference, game developer id Software revealed its plans for free summer updates, along with a premium DLC pack, for the first-person shooter title DOOM.

DOOM - Summer Updates Revealed. Premium DLC Pack Announced.

What’s Coming for DOOM Players?

DOOM is a highly-revered title and fans have been anxiously waiting for the reboot to come for years. Those who are seeking to extend their single-player campaign experiences for the game would be able to do so in a short amount of time, as id Software’s first portion of its premium DLC offering is called “Unto the Evil.” The downloadable content (DLC) is expected to be released next month.

For those who have missed Bethesda’s E3 2016 showcase, Marty Stratton, the Executive Producer for id Software, announced to the audience and to the entire gaming community about the add-on package. It will contain three new maps, them being Cataclysm, Offering, and Ritual, and these new content will also incorporate a newly playable demon called The Harvester.

What’s interesting about the new content is that developer id Software is not only bringing the update to bring in fresh maps for DOOM, but instead, it also wants to keep players satisfied by bringing out new equipment, items, gear, taunts, and a whole lot more. However, the developers have yet to disclose the details as to what are these objects. But one thing’s for sure, the announcement has made fans heavy with anticipation.

id Software also released new footage regarding the update and the game’s Executive Producer explains that the developers will be supporting the title’s level-building feature called SnapMap. The feature will include updates that will be available this summer; and as a bonus, these updates will be completely free. There will be new construction modules, weapons, props, and items. Also, map creators will be able to use a newly implemented logic options and functionalities to create a “true single-player experience.”

Single player mode in DOOM is not the only part of the game that gets improvements as there are also updates and fixes for the multiplayer modes as well. id Software announced that there’s also additions that are coming to the mode, which include a capture the flag variant called Hexodus, as well as a hold mode called Sector. Oh, these are also completely free-of-charge as well. There will also be three free-for-all modes that will come this summer, along with the classic death match.


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