DreamScreen – LED Backlighting for any TV With HDMI

Most TVs of today would probably have one or two HDMI ports, and if you’re television set has one but has unsatisfactory brightness levels, then perhaps you might want to check out DreamScreen. It is touted to be a smart, responsive TV backlighting system, and it will work with practically any television set that has an HDMI port. It is able to create a more immersive experience towards your home theater setup. It bring about colored LED lighting, and it is designed to adjust to any size TV. It is able to enlarge the overall experience when it comes to watching movies, catching up on TV shows, or playing games.

DreamScreen - LED Backlighting for any TV With HDMI

DreamScreen is Able to Work With Any TV With an HDMI Port

The technology being used for DreamScreen  analyzes the HDMI Video (in a wide array of resolutions and formats), and then it will try to match the pixel color of whatever it is you’re watching on your TV with LED lights situated behind the television. It is advertised to have a response rate of 60-frames-per-second, which is said to bring a new definition towards home theater.

As mentioned earlier, the DreamScreen Smart LED Backlighting System works with any TV configuration that has an HDMI port. Hence, all cable setups, including Comcast, Time Warner, Xfinity, Verizon FiOS, Satelite, Dish Network, and DirecTV will be able to work with the system. Media players such as AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Slingbox, Wii, ChromeCast, Roku, and a bunch of DVD and Blu-ray players, will be able to use the system. Even home gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to work with it. All you would have to do is to plug in the HDMI stick included in the package, then connect the lighting system, and you’re all set.

Users are also able to control every setting on the system with the use of an accompanying app, which can be used for iOS and Android devices. Android users can download the app via Google Play, and Apple iPhone users can download it through the App Store or iTunes Store.

Aside from being a smart lighting system for movies and gaming, DreamScreen can also work with music through its Music Mode. When you play some tracks, ambient lighting will be shown behind the TV to enhance the feel of the audio that you’re listening to. This particular LED lighting system will be able to react to whatever it is you’re watching or listening to.


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