Drippler Android – Personalized Assistant That Offers More

The Drippler app has evolved in the last couple of years; what started out as a tips and tricks app that also has a news aggregator for your apps of interest (kind of like lifehacks for your mobile device) is now closer to you in satisfying your tech-related needs. For starters, the app now includes a live feature that has online tech support via chat easily reachable at the swipe of your finger.

Drippler Android - Personalized Assistant That Offers More

Drippler Knows What’s Hot and What’s Not

The user interface of Drippler is clean and simple, with only three tabs dividing the functions mainly drips, wiz, and wizard. Running the app for the first time asks you for your account information as well as your tech interests basically initializing the app making it tailor-made for your needs instead of throwing random information which you’re not interested in at you. The sidebar to the left has all your information such as your Google photo, your current OS, device details, and primary network provider. Below are miscellaneous options allowing you to access settings, giving app feedback, as well as becoming a fellow Wizard yourself; more on that later.

The app has changed and the new app now includes tech assistance as well as the original features which made it useful a few years back. The first tab on Drippler for Android’s main view is the drips tab which pulls all the latest information related to your interests and serving them into bite-sized articles complete with useful links to the items talked about in the article. The second is Wiz, the automated tech assistant which allows you to ask anything but functions best when asked about tech questions such as improving things on your device, solve issues, as well as app recommendations. Wiz covers the basics most likely just pulling info from the already established database of articles and tougher questions are passed over to the Wizards. The Wizards tab is where the real people come in, allowing you to chat with tech support people online and letting them help you with your queries. This is where becoming a Wizard yourself comes into play, it’s an application to the company allowing you to become one of the many Wizards that help your fellow app users, it’s a nice touch, sort of like a much closely-knit forum where you chat instead of post comments in a forum thread.

Drippler isn’t perfect though, while the Drips tab may work well as it had been for the past years, Wiz can only handle basic questions and the Wizards may take some time in dealing with complex problems. But if you came for an app that lets you discover interesting apps for your phone then the drips tab alone is excellent for that purpose.


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Drippler Android – Personalized Assistant That Offers More
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