Dropbox – How to Reset Your Password

The Internet can be a scary place as information and files can be stolen, and even used by cyber attackers, and Dropbox is no exception. The cloud storage service is no exception when it comes to having their fair share of attacks. In fact, there have been reports that accounts that were stolen from the popular storage service were being sold online. The accounts that were affected were those that were registered in 2012 or earlier. So if your account falls under that category, then you should reset and change your password now. Read on to learn how.

Dropbox - How to Reset Your Password

Resetting Your Password in Dropbox

Step 1 – If you’ve created your Dropbox account on or before the year 2012, then all you need to do is try and log in. Why? It’s because the developers are so insistent that you should change your password that you will be required to do so the next time that you log into the file storing and sharing service.

Step 2 – But if you don’t want to sign out of your account or if you do not want to go through with the previous step, you can still change your password if you’re still currently logged in. To do that, make use of the desktop version of Dropbox. Head on and click on your username found on the upper right corner of the page. Select Settings from the drop-down menu that will pop up.

Step 3 – In the new Settings page, click on the Security tab, and then click on Change Password. You would then be required to enter your old password and then create a new one. Click on “Change password” once you’re satisfied with your new password.

Step 4 – It may not be over yet as the website will be telling you if you want to enable two-step verification if you haven’t already. To enable two-step verification, just click on “Get started” when the dialog box comes out about the process. You would then have to enter the newly created password when prompted.

Step 5 – In the new dialog box that follows, it would tell you how you would like to get your Dropbox security code. You can choose a number of ways, including sending a security code to your mobile number. Do take note that the company behind the cloud file sharing and storing service reports that the 2012 breach have made more than 68-million accounts to be vulnerable. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and change your password now before it’s too late.


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