Dropbox – Mobile Features You Need to Try Out

You may have been a user of Dropbox on your mobile device for quite some time, but recent updates have also brought along a bunch of new features as well. For the latest version of the popular file-syncing application is now able to scan documents through your device’s camera, which includes receipts, as well as quickly upload them into your account.

Dropbox - Mobile Features You Need to Try Out

New Version of Dropbox Brings in New Features

Scanning your receipts is not just what the new version of Dropbox can do, as it can also create Microsoft Office documents straight from the app itself. Furthermore, it can also trade comments about a certain file that is being shared with your fellow collaborators. Also, do not forget that it still has features that still remain, such as the “offline” mode or securing the app with a passcode, that allow the app to be a personal favorite among many.

But first, let’s start with the new Dropbox feature that is scanning your documents with the use of your device’s camera. While there are a ton of third-party mobile scanning application that will snap a photo of your document or receipt, and then convert them into a better file format such as a PDF, the latest version of the file-syncing application will finally be able to perform this trick all by its lonesome. In other words, you need not fill your device with other applications just to scan, convert, and upload your documents as you can do all of these with just one app.

Next, there’s the ability to create and edit Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files straight from the app itself. Hence, you no longer need to manually switch applications whenever you’re dealing with Microsoft Office files while still in Dropbox. With this latest update, you will now be able to work with these files, all with a single tap of a button.

As mentioned earlier, you can also share and start a conversation through comments located within a shared file in Dropbox. Collaborating can be pretty tough, especially with regards to work-related documents. Luckily, this new version of the app will allow you to talk about your synced files (among other things) with its rather easy-to-use commenting features. To start a conversation, just open a file then tap the comment bubble to start the chat. Anyone who can see the shared document will be able to see the comment thread. Furthermore, you can even chat directly with a particular collaborator by adding their handle (“@Mention”) within a comment.


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Dropbox – Mobile Features You Need to Try Out
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