Duke Nukem – Makes a Return… Again

Duke Nukem is the popular videogame icon that has been in the industry ever since you were a child, and now, the gun-toting, cigar-smoking, babe magnet of a shooter is coming back once more. The epic first-person shooter style of Duke Nukem 3D will make a return as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. However, there’s more to it than just a simple return of the game as it will have a bit more content for players to shoot around with, and let’s not forget those one-lines (which are most likely crude) to laugh at.

Duke Nukem - Makes a Return… Again

Duke Nukem Makes a Return for its 20th Anniversary

It has just been recently announced that the Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, developed by Gearbox Software, is currently scheduled to be launched on the 11th of October of this year. Those who want to play it and reminisce their childhood wise-cracking days from the mouth of the gun-wielding character will be able to do so with their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs. It is reported that the game will be priced at $20, which is not the price of a full-blown modern game (thankfully).

Furthermore, Gearbox Software states that the new(?) Duke Nukem game not just a re-release of the old game as the developer has gone and remastered it into a new “True 3D” mode. Also, for those who want to get a truly nostalgic taste of the old graphics, you can switch between the True 3D mode and the classic rendering, and you can even do this on the fly.

“Frag like it’s 1996 – this time with even more asses to kick! Join the world’s greatest action hero in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour as he saves Earth once again, kicking alien ass and saving babes across the globe along the way,” reads Gearbox Software’s description of the game.

As mentioned earlier, there will be new content that will be released with the new anniversary edition, and it will come in the form of a brand-new episode that has been created by the game’s original level designers, them being Richard “Levelord” Gray and Allen Blum III. The new episode is entitled “Alien World Order,” and it also includes a brand-new incinerator gun that players can mess around with. However, and quite sadly, this new gun presumably can only be played within that new episode.

Pre-orders for the 20th anniversary edition of Duke Nukem have already started, and there’s even a brief trailer wherein interested players can take a glimpse at what they would be able to expect when they purchase it.


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