E3 – A Guide to the Announcements

It’s already that time of year once more when gamers are at the edge of their seats in excitement as they watch E3 live, or from their homes, hoping that their favorite titles will get a special mention. The Los Angeles event draws the world’s attention for a few days as big names in the gaming industry flaunt their shiny machines and expand the minds of video-gamers everywhere with some never-before-seen experiences.

E3 - A Guide to the Announcements

One of the Most Exciting Experiences About E3 is Watching Everything Unfold

Of course, one of the most exciting factors about E3 is watching the videogame conference unfold as it happens. Perhaps nothing could be more exciting to a gamer as they take to their social media accounts about the latest announcements as soon as they are shown in the big screen or when they are announced on-stage by a company representative.

So what are the things to expect for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo? First up, there’s Microsoft, who is surprisingly (given that its latest consoles are still a few years of age) planning to land it big for this year’s event with their hardware. Rumor has it that the tech giant has not one, but two new Xbox One consoles that are already in development. One of those machines is reported to be a more compact model and the other one is a more powerful console.

But what about its known main contender, Sony? According to the rumor mill, there will be an announcement pertaining to a more powerful PlayStation 4, which could mean that the other Xbox One variants will have a run for its money. It is also possible that Sony forced Microsoft to develop their own upgraded hardware just as these two tech giants are known to be direct rivals in the gaming scene.

Then let’s not forget about Nintendo, which was once a mighty third wheel of big announcements in the event. The Japanese gaming company has known to back away in the competition between Sony and Microsoft in recent years, as it is known that it prefers to reach fans on its own terms. For instance, when Sony and Microsoft are battling it out in the hardware division, Nintendo is taking the more social approach for their games and hardware.

There are also other notables worth mentioning for this year’s E3 such as EA, Bethesda, and Ubisoft. At the time of writing, EA’s and Bethesda’s pieces have already been announced to the world and have left gamers with much glee with the upcoming games and updates. So the only question remains, who will win this year’s E3?


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E3 – A Guide to the Announcements
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