EHang Ghost Drone 2.0 Short Review

EHang Ghost Drone 2.0 Short Review

You have learned of drones, right? And you have heard of virtual reality? Well, imagine if you can join both technologies and send a drone high in the heavens while seeing just what it’s looking at as you embark it on its journey? That is normally the assumption of the EHang Ghost Drone 2.0, a flying machine that lets you smack a headset across your face before enabling you to look up, look down and move your head about in order to see trendy mid-res, real time video pour forth into your retinas. It is really fairly simple to fly this drone. Trained as much at beginners as the inquisitive, it’s controlled by your telephone using either the device’s on screen controls or the accelerometer. As you tip and turn your device, the motions are mimicked in the skies. You can get the drone to reach a maximum speed of 43mph in manual mode (and 25mph in GPS mode) and it’s wind resistant up to 24mph. Nonetheless, it’s safe. While you are able to control it from a space of 1,000 meters, the device is preprogrammed to automatically fly back to you if it loses its sign.

EHang Ghost Drone 2.0

The drone will even hover should you stop the app, while algorithms are used to reduce human error as it soars through the air. This implies you do not need to be concerned about losing your purchase or smashing it into someone or something but if you did break it within the very first year, subsequently – as long as you reside in the USA, Canada and Mexico – you can get it repaired at no cost. But that will not be on your head. Alternatively, you will be concentrating on getting those 4K shots at 24fps (or High Definition at 60fps) and on using the VR headset to create the very best aerial films you are able to. It is difficult to locate a more characteristic accentuated, jaw-fall drone at this cost.


Where to buy EHang Ghost Drone 2.0?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this EHang Ghost Drone 2.0 online.

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