Electrolux EFME617SIW Review – A Champ at Drying

The Electrolux EFME617SIW offers nothing out of the ordinary. It can dry your clothes after washing it. But even though it might not have the bells-and-whistles that a lot of “all-in-one” appliances might have, what this model does, it does very, very well. Say goodbye to those times when using sub-performing dryers that don’t dry your clothes properly as they still stay soggy as you take them out of the appliance. For this model, it can dry your clothes to perfection.

Electrolux EFME617SIW Review - A Champ at Drying

The Electrolux EFME617SIW Does What it Can do Very, Very Well

In terms of design, the Electrolux EFME617SIW seems like it takes hints from Nest’s design choices. In other words, it is very pleasing to look at, has a minimalistic  yet modern appeal, and the dial is brightly illuminated that you wouldn’t worry about making any mistake when using its controls under a dark or bright laundry room. Speaking of its dial, you also get a built-in display on it, and you will get messages from said screen such as reminding you to clean out the lint trap.

As for other controls, there is the power button that can be found to the left of the dial, as well as an array of other functionalities to the right. For these functionalities, they will allow you to customize your cycle a bit further. However, in order to keep your delicates in pristine condition, the machine prevents users from selecting certain features based on the chosen cycle.

What’s surprising about the EFME617SIW is that it will warn you when the dial is basically lying to you. It will pop up a message that says, “Actual drying time may be longer or shorter than displayed.” This is a nice touch, as it is like a waiter from a restaurant telling you what’s delicious and what’s not within their menu instead of blatantly lying to you it’s tasty just because the price is high.

Because of the size of the Electrolux EFME617SIW, it is designed to handle small loads of laundry. However, even when you push the contents to the brim, it will still be able to do a good job, and that says a lot right there. Ultimately, there’s a lot to like about this dryer, and if there’s anything to complain about it, it’s just that its top is a bit difficult to fold without accidentally knocking the control panel. However, this is a but a minor niggle and one that would not get in the way of a stellar performance.


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Electrolux EFME617SIW Review – A Champ at Drying
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