Erato Apollo 7 Review – An Astounding Pair

It is quite difficult to search for an excellent pair of wireless earbuds, but the Erato Apollo 7 is found in that certain category. It is placed at a high-end price point, which means that the pair is certainly not within easy reach. But the question is, does its feature set, build quality, and most importantly its sound quality to justify the heft in its price tag? Yes, yes, and yes.

Erato Apollo 7 Review – An Astounding Pair

The Erato Apollo 7 is Excellent in More Ways Than One

Before we head onto the details pertaining to the awesomeness that is the Erato Apollo 7, let us dive into what you’re going to get with the standard packaging. It comes with a golden box that will snap shut with the click of two magnets that are found underneath the cardboard material. Once you open the box and take a gander at what’s inside, you will see that the headphones can be found encased in a cushion. It looks like the device will be presented as part of a wedding ceremony.

As for the Erato Apollo 7 earbuds themselves, they are hidden inside the case, wherein they will practically live whenever they are not lodged inside your ears. There are other extra bits and pieces that can be found inside the box, which include a wide array of ear tips, sport wings, and a Micro-USB charging cable.

If there is one thing users do not want with their wireless headphones, it is the way they are made to be set up. However, these particular earbuds do not have such a case as setting it all up is crazily easy. There is no need to use another app for them to work, as these units will just work just like your traditional Bluetooth headphones. In other words, switch them on, then hold down the single button located on each bud to pair them with your smartphone, then place them in your ear, play some tunes, and you’re good to go.

But if there’s one thing that will let you truly marvel at the Erato Apollo 7 would be its sound quality. It uses a micro-sized dynamic driver, which means that these seemingly tiny pieces of audio-listening devices can dish out pretty powerful bass while not too overpowering. Bass response is deep and clear, while still giving other areas of the audio spectrum the kind of clarity that feels just right. These are a pair of really excellent wireless earbuds, but the price can still make it quite a bit difficult to recommend.


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