Erato Apollo 7 Review – Sounds so Good it Costs More

The Erato Apollo 7 comes from a Taiwanese startup company and it is billed as the world’s most compact true wireless earphones. There are no connecting cables that, well, connect the two left and right standalone earbuds. Even though Apple might say a word about this as the Cupertino, California-based tech giant unveiled its AirPods, but these wireless earbuds from the Taiwanese firm are, indeed, very small and lightweight. The sound performance even puts them better than many wireless headphones on the market. However, because of its features and sound quality, it does cost more than many.

Erato Apollo 7 Review - Sounds so Good it Costs More

The Erato Apollo 7 is Billed as the World’s Most Compact True Wireless Earphones

So how does the Erato Apollo 7 work? You would have to pair one of the earbuds (you can choose either left or right) with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Then, you then turn the other earbud on and it will automatically pair itself with the other piece. Neat, right? The connection will form a stereo performance, but if for some reason that you only need one to wear, then you can still do that.

However, performance of the Apollo 7 isn’t as perfect as what you might think, despite with its higher-than-normal price tag. There are some minor glitches that you might experience when you’re using it. For example, the Apollo 7 might not produce sound when you lock it up, even though it was still connected to your handset or other Bluetooth-enabled device. So what to do when this happen? All you have to do is restart both devices and it will fix itself. The occurrence won’t happen all the time so it’s not a major deal-breaker.

As for the audio performance, while it does give out a better sound experience than many (in terms of being wireless earphones), its overall performance can be somewhat uneven. It means that there are some tracks that make the earphones perform better as compared to listening to some kinds of music. However, what’s apparent is that it is a bit bright in the treble and a bit forward in the midrange.

So is the Erato Apollo 7 a recommended buy? Taking a look at its build quality, sound performance, and feature offerings, it is still a solid option. However, the major gripe about it is its price. It first debuted as a Kickstarter project and the early bird price was pretty decent. But when it hit the public markets the price was jacked up. In terms of audio quality, it does beat Apple’s AirPods, but you might think twice once you take a gander at its price tag.


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