Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0 Drone Review – For Aspiring Fliers That Have the Cash to Burn

There are many success stories in crowdfunding history, and one of those is the Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0 Drone. This product has resulted in a $3-million Indiegogo campaign as it featured some neat, well, features. Furthermore, it is quite fun to fly. However, while it does bring a good amount of functionalities, it is by no means cheap.

Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0 Drone Review

The Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0 Drone is a Crowdfunding Success Story

In terms of design, the Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0 Drone denotes a simple look. It has a basic X-shape with a piece of metal and a plastic dome. The unit measures in at approximately 6.5-inches from rotor tip to tip. Also, it comes with a weight of just 2.5-ounces, and that already includes the battery and the camera attached to it.

Looking at its dome, you can find the drone’s electronics within, which does include the tiny 550-mAh battery. As for the motors and rotors, they are attached to the end of each of its arms. Beneath each of the motors, there will be a single LED. The LEDs are colored blue for the front, and white for the back. The rotor blades do stick out quite a bit from the tiny body of the Micro Drone 3.0, but the company does include a set of blade protectors from the standard packaging.

Its camera is able to shoot 1080 x 720-pixel resolution videos, and this unit is so small as it is about the same size as a pack of gum. It will clip onto the bottom of the drone’s body with the use of magnets. The videos taken are at 30-frames-per-second, and they will all be saved with the use of a microSD card. The external storage will fit into a slot found at the rear-end of the camera body.

Still, it doesn’t mean that this particular drone is perfect as it does come with its own set of shortcomings, specifically to that of its design. To start, you cannot use third-party batteries so you’re practically dependent on what the package has. Still, there are some advantages to it as you will be able to mount the camera to point forward or backward.

The experience when flying the Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0 Drone is an absolute joy, while it lasts. Considering the tiny device, and the equally compact battery, then you would only be allowed about 5 to 6 minutes of battery life before it conks out. However, it does only take 35 to 60 minutes to fully charge, which is a positive note.


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