F.lux – How to Prevent Eyestrain From Looking at Your Computer

F.lux is an application that works similarly to Apple’s Night Shift feature for the iPad Pro. For anyone who has to work late at night at the office, or has to deal with coping up with deadlines even when at home, or for people who do enjoy late night gaming with friends, staring at a bright monitor can affect your eyesight and can therefore strain your eyes. Not to mention that it can affect your ability to have better sleep. If you think that banning the use of the computer for late night computing is not a practical idea at the moment, then this free application can adjust the monitor’s screen temperature when the sun goes down.

F.lux - How to Prevent Eyestrain From Looking at Your Computer

Download F.lux to Have Better Sleep

The first thing to do is to, of course, get F.lux. Head on to the program’s website and you can download it for free for your PC. Click on the Download button and save the file into your preferred folder. Once the item downloads properly, click on Run. If you’re prompted, or double click on the flux-setup.exe will start the installation process. When a new window appears, just click on I Agree to allow moderator access for the application to start running and to install itself. Once the installation procedures are done, you can now close that window.

Opening the F.lux program and you will find that the main interface will appear just above the Taskbar notification area. You can start by telling the program where you can configure itself correctly. To do this, click on the > button to the right of (Click to set Location). Once there, you can enter your post code then click on Search. A Google Maps map location will be showed, and if it’s correct, then just click on OK.

The main window will now update to something else that will reflect your new and current location. This program uses a combination of time, date, and your current whereabouts in order to determine when to change the color temperature of your screen. You may find that the effect of the program will take place immediately after the sun goes down. After a short pause, this main window will vanish, but you can bring it back by going to the Taskbar notification area and clicking on the icon that’s there.

F.lux will dim the screen to a color temperature of 3,400K, which is the equivalent of a halogen light with a warm glow. In order to change this if it is not to your liking, you can click the menu and head on to Lighting at night. You will then get to choose some other color temperatures while you’re there.


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