Fable Fortune – Closes Out Kickstarter Campaign

If you think that Fable Fortune closing out its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is something akin to bad news, then think again. The reason why Flaming Fowl Studios, the remnants of the already closed Lionhead Studios, closed out the crowdfunding campaign is because they have already secured outside funding. Therefore, the added assistance even enabled them to launch a closed beta version of the card game.

Fable Fortune - Closes Out Kickstarter Campaign

Fable Fortune Releases its Closed Beta Version Thanks to Outside Funding Support

Because of the good fortune brought upon to the Fable Fortune (no pun intended), it enabled the developer to close down the crowdfunding campaign, and it said that they will now focus on the planned development for the release of the title to the Xbox One, PC, and mobile platforms. At the time of writing, the game is already in its alpha state, and the beta version plans to begin within “a handful of months.” In the meantime, there is no release window as to when the final launch of the game will happen, as Flaming Fowl Studios also did not specify where this outside funding support came from.

Before closing out, the Kickstarter project for Fable Fortune had raised $86,321 out of a $366,685 goal. The crowdfinding campaign was supposed to close by June 28. An update on the Kickstarter page’s notes reads: ” As we’ve always stated, we want to make this game with your help, your feedback, and your input. We have huge plans for Fortune and we know that whatever happens in the future, it all started with our already incredible community. Although we will now be concentrating on the closed beta, the alpha build will remain available during this period and we’ll be looking to deliver a balance update in the very near future. Additionally, in return for your fantastic support, we will be providing all Kickstarter backers with access to the alpha build and will then migrate all players over to our closed beta! This means that our backers will continue to be the very first players to get their hands on the latest content and features.”

There is an explanation why Microsoft was willing to give this new game developing studio access to the Fable franchise, more specifically that of Fable Fortune, primarily because the digital card game market is worth $1.2-billion at the time of writing. The leader in this category being Hearthstone, as it is making $20-million-per-month.


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Fable Fortune – Closes Out Kickstarter Campaign
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