Facebook – CEO is the Latest to Fall Victim to Hacking

One of the latest victims that have fallen prey to cyber attacks is perhaps one person that you would least expect it – CEO to social media networking portal Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. His Twitter and Pinterest accounts have recently been hacked and according to reports, the founder of the world’s largest social media website had just used “Dadada” as the password for his two accounts. The passwords were then found out by a group called “OurMine Team.” The hacker group then said it was just “testing” the chief executive’s online security. The accounts were restored in no time, but the damage had already been done.

Facebook - CEO is the Latest to Fall Victim to Hacking

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is One of the Latest to Fall Prey to Cyber Attacks

The chief executive officer to Facebook is not the only one to have set an easy-to-crack password. According to experts, the common password to be placed into just about any online account is, well, “password.” Following that, there’s “12356,” which is then followed by other contenders such as “12345678,” “qwerty,” and “abc123.”

While these passwords make it incredibly easy for the user to remember them, for a cyber criminal, them getting into your online account is just a walk in the park. Sure, there are some hackers that do the deed primarily for fun, such as the recent even when a Russian hacker traded more than 272-million passwords, along with other account data, to a cyber security firm just for some social media “likes” and praise, but not every cyber attacker out there has intentions that are deemed harmless. There are times when the consequences can be catastrophic, especially when the victims are large organizations with very volatile information or even financial data of millions of their consumers.

Perhaps the biggest issue with regards to setting up passwords and using them is remembering them, which is what many would think about when the Facebook chief executive had set up such a simple password. As a matter of fact, the main reason why people set an easy-to-remember password is for them to use the code for a number of accounts, which is a grave mistake according to experts.

While there are ways to counteract the dilemma with remembering passwords for our own security, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts now take it upon themselves to create a more secure method of logging into other websites with just one account. There are now many websites scattered across the World Wide Web that now have the “Sign in from Facebook,” “Sign in from Twitter,” and the like. This means that you need only to log into one account to get into another without having to remember multiple passwords.


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Facebook – CEO is the Latest to Fall Victim to Hacking
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