Facebook – How to Become a Social Media Master

Even though you may be on Facebook for a lot of times during the day, there’s a lot more to do than just liking cat photos and posting whatever it is that you’re about to eat for lunch. So, you might want to question yourself, “am I getting the most out of this social media portal?” Perhaps, and perhaps not; there are a bunch of things in-store for you within the social network that you might not know about.

Facebook - How to Become a Social Media Master

Getting the Most out of Facebook

Step 1  – While scrolling down on your Facebook news feed, you may come across some things that you do not want to see, especially those coming from annoying people of whom you can’t unfriend on the social media portal because of reasons (i.e. that annoying aunt). However, there is a way for you to hide whatever it is that they post and you can get away with it as well. They will still be part of your friends list but you won’t be able to see whatever it is they post. To do this, go to their Timelines and you should see a button that says “Following” with a check mark beside it. Just hover your mouse above that and a drop-down box should appear. Click on “Unfollow” so that you won’t see their posts ever again, unless you toggle the feature back on.

Step 2 – Going back to those annoying people, but this time they’re commenting on your posts like it was their business to begin with (once again, that annoying aunt). In a similar move as with the previous step, this time around, you can hide your posts in Facebook  so that specific people don’t get to see them. When you’re about to share an update, click on the button right next to “Post.” By default, it should be set to Public. But if you want to make sure that there are some people that won’t get to see whatever it is you’re sharing, then click on Custom. In here, place the names of the people so that they won’t see the pictures from that awesome party last weekend, among others.

Step 3 – Did you know that you can use the Facebook Messenger app on your computer? While chatting it up with friends and family in the social media portal is already pretty convenient, there are times it can get too cluttered. What the Messenger app on mobile does is that it streamlines these into a simpler look and feel. Now you can do that from your computer as well by heading on to the Messenger website.


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