Facebook – How to Mute Conversations

There are those times when you’re in a conversation in a chat room in Facebook with several people, and then the notifications keep popping up. There are those who could not resist checking what’s all the buzz about and tend to join in nonetheless. While it may seem like it’s just your ordinary day with this type of situation, there are times when you’re mobile device will keep notifying you that there is a new message within the conversation while you’re busy doing something else. It could be that you need to finish that report at work before the day’s end, or perhaps you need some peace and quiet while you study for an important exam. No matter the situation, you just can’t tell everybody in the chat room to just stop talking to each other (because that’s just rude). Hence, what you can do is to just mute the notifications on the group conversation either temporarily or permanently.

Facebook - How to Mute Conversations

Mute Conversations in Facebook so That You Won’t be Bothered

Step 1 – When you’re on the desktop version of Facebook, first of all head into the social network and log in using your account. Then, look for the chat icon that’s located on the right side of the navigation bar. Click on it and then look for the conversation that you want to mute. The conversation should pop up at the bottom portion of your screen. In that small window, look for the gear icon in the chat box header and click on it. You will then see a pop-up menu that will appear, and in it has a menu item called “Mute Conversation.”

Step 2 – Clicking on Mute Conversation will bring up some choices wherein you can mute the notifications on the Facebook chat room for an hour, or until 8 AM on the following morning, or until when you decide to turn it back on. Whatever option is selected, the notifications won’t bother you with whatever it is that you’re doing and you can continue on peacefully.

Step 3 – The same thing can be done towards Facebook Messenger, but the process of getting there is a bit different than that of the desktop version. In the mobile app, tap on the conversation that you want to mute then tap on its title bar. You will then be brought to a new menu and in here you can find an item named “Notifications.” Tapping on this would present you with a number of options wherein you can mute the notifications temporarily or permanently.


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