Facebook – How to Send a Message Without Messenger

What do you do when you want to send a message to your friends, family, or to a business in Facebook? Perhaps the first answer that would pop into your mind is to use the Messenger application. However, not everyone is too thrilled to be using said app. Furthermore, the recent move for Messenger to try and become the default messaging app for your mobile device has led many to consider using it altogether. But there are ways for you to send messages within the popular social networking portal without the added hassle of using the mobile application.

Facebook - How to Send a Message Without Messenger

Sending Messages in Facebook Without Having to Result in Using the Messenger Mobile App

Step 1 – Even though it would seem that Facebook is bent on letting mobile users resort to the Messenger app to send messages within the social network, that’s not entirely the case. One way for you to send messages within the social media portal without having to resort to the mobile application is to use a mobile web browser. Head on to your Facebook account with the use of a mobile web browser, like the Google Chrome app, and then tap on the messages icon found on the top toolbar. Do note, however, that the number of actions that you can do here is limited, and the messages do not load in real-time as you would have to refresh the page for it to update.

Step 2 – If you don’t want to resort into using the overly simplistic approach that is using the mobile web page of Facebook, then you can head on to your PC and use that instead. Heading on to the social media website and you can easily message your friends there. Furthermore, if you still want a simpler approach to message people without having to look at your news feed, then you can head on to messenger.com. This is the official website for the social media’s messaging service, and you need only to log into your account to get started.

Step 3 – But if you really do not want to use the messenger app, nor do you want to use a computer to send messages in Facebook, there are tons of third-party apps down at the App Store and in Google Play. One example which can be downloaded and installed for iOS devices is an app called Friendly, wherein it is a full-fledged Facebook app with the idea of keeping the messaging feature of the social network behind its digital walls.


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