Facebook – How to Take 360 Degree Photos and Post Them

It has been known for quite some time that Facebook started rolling out their support for 36-degree photos. Joining in on the fun is quite simple, so long as you have a capable smartphone and the right mobile application for it. Then, you can take and upload these immersive, spherical still images to let your Facebook friends get a glimpse in practically any direction rather than just looking at a flat, 2D image of a particular scene.

Facebook - How to Take 360 Degree Photos and Post Them

How to Take a 360-Degree Photo and Upload it to Facebook

Before you attempt in shooting your own 360-degree photos, you can check some of these images on Facebook. To do this, just type in 360 photos in the search bar in the social media portal and you should be able to find a whole lot of these images to marvel and even play around with. The feature is still relatively new (at the time of writing), but there are already many who have joined in on the hype. When on any 360 photo, just click on the image and drag it with your mouse to look around a bit. If you’re on your smartphone or mobile device, just tap and move your gadget around.

Now let’s get on with taking a 360 photo for Facebook; one of the more convenient options to do this is to go to Google’s official Street View camera application. This app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices, and it’s also free to download and install. It also works seamlessly with the social media’s new feature so you can take a 360-degree photograph of the street or practically anything else.

Once the Google Street View app is on your mobile device, you can then tap the Plus icon found on the front of the screen then a new menu should pop up. Tap on Camera then Open Camera. If it’s the first time opening the camera feature on the app, it will guide you through the process of capturing all the 360-degree photos you need. You just need to make sure that you’re capturing photos as still as possible while you’re moving around (just like taking a panorama photo).

Once the 360 photo has been taken and saved into your device, uploading it to Facebook is no different than posting a photo into the social networking portal. In the social media app, just tap on the Photo button in the status update box, select the image you want to upload, wait for it to finish and it’s done.


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Facebook – How to Take 360 Degree Photos and Post Them
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