Facebook Live – How to Disable Notifications

There are some people who don’t like to get notified of everything from their Facebook accounts, and there are certainly those that do not want to be continuously notified whenever someone from their friends list initiates a Facebook Live moment. The feature was recently introduced as a live video streaming function, so that you can broadcast to everyone in your friends list, or even to the entire social network, as to what you’re currently doing. By default, the feature will send you notifications as to whenever your friends are taking advantage of this new feature. Therefore, you would have notifications that you do not want. But worry not, as there is a way to disable it and still keep your normal array of notifications being sent to you.

Facebook Live – How to Disable Notifications

Disabling Facebook Live Notifications

Step 1 – Just like with other “annoyances” from the social networking portal, turning off the Facebook Live notifications is neatly tucked away. To get to that, you would have to, of course, log into your Facebook account. Once you’ve signed in properly, you can then click on the arrow that’s located at the upper right corner of the top navigation bar. Clicking on it will produce a drop-down menu. Once it does, click on the “Settings” menu option.

Step 2 – You will then be brought to a new page, and in here, look for the “Notifications” menu item located at the left sidebar and click on it. You will now be brought to the Notifications portion of the Settings menu once you do. In here, click on the “Edit” link that’s next to the “On Facebook” portion at the top of the list. By default, it will be set to “All notifications, all sounds on.” You can then change that to just turn off the notifications from Facebook Live.

Step 3 – Once you click on the Edit button, you will be presented with a rather lengthy notifications menu. Once you see the “Live Videos” option, change the default setting (which is turned On) to “All Off.” Do take note that this change is immediate. Therefore, and from this point onward, you will no longer receive notifications whenever someone within your friends list, or a page that you’ve Liked, is using the live video streaming feature of Facebook.

Facebook Live may be a neat feature for a lot of people to use, especially for those who utilize Facebook pages to let administrators communicate with their fan-base in a more personal manner, however, not everyone likes the idea of getting notifications every time someone goes live.


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Facebook Live – How to Disable Notifications
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