Facebook Messenger – How to Play Games in the App

The Facebook Messenger application is arguably the most popular application to connect with friends and family over the social media portal. People are relying on the service to communicate with others, even when parties are located halfway around the globe. While famous as a messaging platform, Messenger also has some Easter Eggs hidden in the application to make conversations more fun than they already are. Some of these Easter Eggs are in the form of games that you can check out. Furthermore, they will even post your current score in the chat room so you can show off your prowess (or shame) for these games.

Facebook Messenger - How to Play Games in the App

Did You Know There are Games Hidden Inside Facebook Messenger?

Just in time for Euro 2016, Facebook Messenger has unveiled a new game to add to its roster, and its Keepy Up. To play the game, send a football emoji into the chat room. Then, just tap on the emoji after it has been sent to begin the game. The goal here is to keep on tapping the football to stop it from touching the ground. While the first few points may seem simple for many, as the balls keeps bouncing around the corners of your device, you will find that it gets more difficult as your progress. Do note that if this does not work, then you may need to update the application.

Not a fan of football/soccer? Then why not a game of hoops? In the Facebook Messenger app, aside from the Keepy Up game, you can also send the basketball emoji to play a round (or rounds) of the game. Here, the game is quite simple to play as well. All you have to do is swipe your finger to get the ball into the hoop. Simple, right? Well, it may be at first. But once you hit a certain amount of points you will notice that the game does try its best to stop you from progressing further. In other words, the hoop will start moving around which does make it a whole lot more difficult to shoot the ball into the hoop.

If you want a more intellectual way to pass the time with your friends in Facebook Messenger, then you challenge them to a game of chess instead. To begin a game of chess, all you need to do is type @fbchess play then send it. A board will pop out in the chat room. Moving the chess pieces needs a certain command for each piece and where they would land. Make sure to check out the app for more instructions.


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Facebook Messenger – How to Play Games in the App
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