Facebook – New Lifestage App is Yet Another Snapchat Clone

There is a new app in town, sort of, and it comes from the great minds over at Facebook. The new Lifestage mobile application looks very familiar; well it should be, because for better or for worse, the features and user-interface are akin to another social media portal – Snapchat. However, that’s not the questionable part about the app. What’s surprising is that it is shamelessly going after teens.

Facebook - New Lifestage App is Yet Another Snapchat Clone

New Facebook Lifestage App Might Not be Worth Your “Like”

Facebook has recently launched the controversial mobile application that is aimed at a specific demographic. The app, called Lifestage, is a video-only social networking portal, and it is now available for download only for iOS devices. Those who might want to try it out can head on to the Apple App Store. And for the most part, it is definitely that of a Snapchat clone.

So how does it work? It lets users share videos of their meals, what’s currently happening, and whatever it is they record and then snap it all up in a picture-frame design. Users are also able to take videos that fall into certain categories such as Likes, Music, Dislikes, and Books. However, and unlike Snapchat, Facebook’s Lifestage App won’t let you immediately share videos with friends. Instead, you would have to visit their profile to view the latest clips. Also, the videos are non-destructive, unlike Snapchat that will disappear after 24-hours.

As a matter of fact, Lifestage closely resembles Snapchat in so many ways. To start, you would need to upload a very short clip that would be your profile video, instead of taking a still selfie. To take the video, just hold the screen. If there is one large difference in Lifestage, it is that the app does not support text messaging.

What’s surprising about the new app from Facebook is that it is centered on teens. You might think that after reading that statement that “it’s not too bad.” Well, the application won’t let anyone above the age of 21-years-old to use it. When you check out the app’s feedback section, it is not entirely what you can call as positive. In fact, at the time of writing, it only has a 2.5-star rating in the Apple App Store. There are some who call the move as “confusing,” where as there are those that state that it is “kinda sorta creepy,” and there is even one that tells the entire idea of the app to be “pointless.”


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