Facebook – Opens up Hardware Laboratory

When Facebook was released into the vast regions of the World Wide Web, it literally dethroned other social networking websites at that time. It has then climbed up the ladder in what could only be deemed as an amazingly fast pace. It is now a place where people would log into every day to share posts, state their thoughts, upload photos and videos, and more. However, deep inside its Silicon Valley headquarters, the large minds within have cooked up something new. The engineers within the social networking company have stocked a new lab with computerized lathes and industrial equipment into the creation of physical goods.

Facebook - Opens up Hardware Laboratory

Facebook is Getting Ready to Enter the Physical Realm With New Hardware Laboratory

Do take note that this the new Facebook laboratory is not for mass-producing smartphones or other consumer-related products. It is used, rather, for engineers that will be working on some high-tech devices that will be needed for the company’s long-term goals, in which its ultimate goal which has be reiterated time-and-time again by CEO Mark Zuckerberg that they want to connect people through smart devices. These include virtual-reality headsets and even high-flying drones. These gadgets will be able to deliver Internet signals through the use of laser to remote areas around the globe.

Google has its celebrated X lab, wherein the Internet company pursues goals that will shoot through the moon such as self-driving cars, and this though is deemed to be quite similar with the new Facebook department as it demonstrates leading companies within the tech industry to be rarely content in doing the same thing.

Head of Engineering and Infrastructure of Facebook Jay Parikh said the following: “When you think about connecting the world, you have to build different types of hardware to help people connect.” He also added that in order to get virtual reality right, the company needs to refine other forms of hardware such as processors and lenses.

The new laboratory will be a location wherein engineers are able to design energy-efficient servers for the company’s data centers. Within, they are also able to test new laser mounts, drone propellers, as well as they can also perfect a prototype of their 360-degree video camera in which the firm has already unveiled back in a conference last April.

Facebook announced the opening of the new laboratory on Wednesday and it has invited several journalists for a tour of the place. The laboratory has been dubbed as Area 404, which is clearly a joke with regards to the Error 404 message the people get when they visited an inaccessible website or webpage.


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