Facebook Slideshow – How to Make a Video of Your Photos

If you have an iOS device, and you’re constantly on the Facebook app scrolling down on your endless news feed, you might not have noticed about the an update wherein you are now able to post a Facebook slideshow video with the photos found in your albums. After all, who doesn’t want to showcase their photos in a video slideshow format and share it to everyone else? Well, apparently not everyone in the social media network. But nevertheless, if you do want to create a slideshow videos showcasing your photos using the app, then read on.

Facebook Slideshow - How to Make a Video of Your Photos

Creating a Facebook Slideshow Video Using Your Photos

Step 1 – The first thing to do in order to create and send a Facebook slideshow is to, of course, open up the Facebook app on your iOS device. If you have taken more than five photos and/or videos within the last 24-hours, then the app will automatically show you a preview of a slideshow it has generated that will be on top of your News Feed. If you haven’t, then alternatively, you will be able see a friend share of a slideshow within your news feed. All you have to do is tap on the “Try It” button to test it out.

Step 2 – You can then tap on the preview to open Slideshow within Facebook, which will then lead you to choose from the menu bar found at the bottom of your device’s screen. It will give you some options, them being Library, Edit, Themes, and More.

Step 3 – When you tap on the Library button, the app will then lead you to a random selection of your photos as well as the first preview of your slideshow video. But if you don’t like these, you can then add or delete photos and/or videos from your library to the slideshow.

Step 4 – At the time of writing, you will be given ten themes to choose from for your slideshow video. These are Nostalgic, Night Out, Epic, Tropical, Amped, Playful, Birthday, Thankful, and Bollywood. Selecting one of these themes will give you different transition effects and music to suit the mood of your video.

Step 5 – Once you are happy with the selected theme on your Facebook Slideshow, you can then continue to Edit the video. In here, you can crop an images that are found within the video. Tapping on the More button will let you add a title to the clip, as well as tag friends to let them be immediately notified once you post the video.


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Facebook Slideshow – How to Make a Video of Your Photos
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