Facebook – Stopping 9/11 Anniversary Due to Hoax Story

If in case you didn’t know, Facebook has a trending module, which works in a similar fashion to Twitter’s Trending feature. However, it doesn’t mean that everything displayed there are about roses and daisies. Just recently, it has been making headlines, but in a negative fashion. It is because of a 9/11 story that is claiming to be “newsworthy.” Instead of just removing the offending article, the social media platform has dropped the trending topic out of the module. The title of said “news” was “September 11: The footage that ‘proves bombs were planted in Twin Towers’.”

Facebook - Stopping 9/11 Anniversary Due to Hoax Story

Facebook Trending News About 9/11 Dropped Because of False Story

Once the news had appeared on Facebook, the obvious reaction for many is to spam the angry face reaction on it. It even broke into other forms of social media, especially to Twitter. As many people within Twitter already noted, the top story which graced Facebook’s trending module was a Daily Star story with the aforementioned title.

Those who are curious as to how the piece was written can still access it through the tabloid’s website. In it, it devotes many words that the 9/11 incident was made possible by intentionally planting bombs in the towers, rather than the establishment being destroyed by planes.

The article is seen to be an attempt to legitimize a nonsense conspiracy theory, which is also what many thought where the piece was based upon. However, it didn’t stop from just being in the centerpiece to Facebook’s Trending Feature. This is because there is likely more than thousands of people who was able to see it, not just in the social media platform alone, before it has been removed within the module.

A spokeswoman for the social networking giant told the Washington Post the following: “We’re aware a hoax article showed up there, and as a temporary step to resolving this we’ve removed the topic.” As per the Washington Post, the article alone initially “disappeared” from the trending topic page. Furthermore, it was then changed by a different story. But eventually, the firm removed the topic from the trending section altogether.

Nonetheless, the decision made by Facebook to simply remove the topic from their trending module causes more question than answers. For instance, why would they remove a topic within the page rather than just delete the problematic article that was seen at the top? The Washington Post also noted that the social media platform originally replaced the article with another story, which would suggest that people were still talking about other 9/11-related topics within the platform.


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