Facebook – Testing Out New Feature That Autoplays Videos With Sound

Remember the time when Facebook tried out a new feature when it auto-played videos right in your news feed without you having to click on the play button? There were a lot of people who found that pretty annoying, especially when you’re using your precious cellular data plan. Before, the videos did automatically play. Now, the famous Internet giant and social media portal is trying it out once more, but this time the videos will play with sound right off the bat.

Facebook – Testing Out New Feature That Autoplays Videos With Sound

Facebook Tests Out Videos That Automatically Play With Sound

According to a post from Mashable, there are some Australian Facebook users who will start to see auto-playing videos with sound while using the mobile application. There are already some reports of dislike as to why the company decided to do this in the first place. The first time they did it and it was met with a lot of dislike, especially towards mobile users that constantly use their cellular data. If they chose not to disable the feature, then they would find the videos to quickly eat up their cellular data.

This test comes in two different varieties. As per the post by Mashable, “in one version of the test, sound plays immediately as the video begins, if you have sound enabled on your device. Another group is able to turn sound on during the test session using an icon that will sit to the bottom right of the video.”

Therefore, there will be an option within Facebook’s settings to always turn off the sound, and if you go to your account’s settings, you can turn off the feature entirely. This is, perhaps, the case as to many of the app’s users will take. After all, who would want to constantly hear audio from videos that you do not want to play anyway, right? This can become a further hindrance with the Sponsored posts that are also video clips that will show up from time-to-time within your news feed.

Even though if proven to be a successful test, auto-playing Facebook videos is one step too far; there are already a lot of people who are complaining about the app’s way when it comes to burning your device’s battery life. Hence, there may be some people who would just opt to use the mobile website instead of the application instead.


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