Facebook – Vowing to Delete Graphic Live Videos Made to Ridicule Victims

The popular social media portal Facebook has been forced to restate the rules of people using its live video features after a black man was shot and killed by police officers. The incident took place during a routine traffic stop in the United States, in which the video has now been viewed by millions of people across the globe prior to it being removed and then returned later on under unidentified circumstances. The company states and insists that it will only remove a video of someone’s death if it has been “used to mock the victim or celebrate the shooting.”

Facebook - Vowing to Delete Graphic Live Videos Made to Ridicule Victims

Facebook to Delete Live Videos of Someone’s Death if the Victim Was Mocked or the Incident was Celebrated

The Facebook live video being talked about here is that of Philando Castile’s death as he was shot and killed at the hands of a traffic police officer while he was just reaching for his driver’s license. The incident took place in Minnesota on the 7th of July, and it shocked the world. The victim’s girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, had the presence of mind to film everything which was the immediate aftermath of the event and then promptly uploaded it to the social media portal for the world to see.

At first, the video was online for approximately 10-minutes before it was taken down and the social media insisted that it was a “technical glitch.” The driver of the vehicle was pulled over by the police officer by what was said to be a “busted tail light.”

Due to the video’s temporary disappearance from social network Facebook, it did prompt complaints from activists that are associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. The groups are alleging that the social media company might be colluding to cover-up with the authorities, in which the company had denied it was doing such deeds.

Recently, Facebook has now moved to clarify its stand on the matter, and it seems that the firm says that it would not attempt to hush up such an ordeal, and other similar incidents. It has also acknowledged that the live video feature is a very powerful tool while in a crisis, and that “just as it gives us a window into the best moments in people’s lives, it can also let us bear witness to the worst,” the company stated. It said that its live video service has a team on call that is available around the clock that will immediately respond to reports should inappropriate content be uploaded that is in violation of community standards.


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