Fairphone 2 Review – The Most Ethical Phone Yet

The Fairphone 2 is an example of taking a known piece of technology and then taking that one step further. While smartphones are known to last a couple, maybe even three years, this one is claimed to last for five, or even more. This is thanks to the modular body that it has in which you can easily replace its components. In even better news than that, the phone uses embedded hardware that has been sourced properly. It even makes great use for recycled materials. Hence, this is not just your ordinary smartphone, it is an environment-friendly device.

Fairphone 2 Review - The Most Ethical Phone Yet

The Fairphone 2 is Your Most Environment-Friendly Handset To-Date

Primarily because the Fairphone 2 uses recycled materials and that it has a very small negative impact for the environment, these are genuine reasons to choose this phone above others. In order to use a phone such as this every-single-day for more than three years, then it needs to function properly and should most definitely handle the simplest tasks with absolute ease. Furthermore, there are even users who might even use the phone play great games, take selfies and other photos, shoot videos, and would realistically use the phone for as long as they can. This is, in fact, already a tall order even for higher-end smartphones that are already available on the market. So the question now is, how does this device stack up to defy the odds?

In terms of design alone, this is not your average iPhone clone, nor it looks like any other smartphone that you might find on a store shelf. For the most part, the design is mostly inconspicuous, and mostly even featureless. This looks more like a slab rather than a phone. But don’t get this aspect wrong as the device is not ugly, and yet you won’t find anyone turning heads towards it either.

While the idea for being a modular phone is fairly new, plus the fact that it does use recycled materials to make it the most environment-friendly handset to-date, one major drawback about it is that it runs on Android. That’s not the bad part; the negative aspect about it is that it is running on the outdated Android 5.1 Lollipop right out of the box. This could possibly even mean that the software might never get a software update.

On a more positive note, the Fairphone 2 handles well and is quite fast. There are a few stutters here-and-there but these are not total deal-breakers. While it does hold a lot of promise, it is by no means cheap. In fact, it is quite expensive. So even if you want to save the environment when you plan on using this phone, your wallet my reject the offer.


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