Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors Review – Never Take Them Off

Full-sized headsets used for monitoring have been around for quite some time, but there might not be enough in-ear monitors, but that doesn’t stop the Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors from coming into the scene. Just like with many other audio monitoring devices, this particular pair is placed at the high-end of the market, and boy do you need to shell out quite a bit. So the question is, does the audio quality that these in-ear monitoring headset justify its immense price tag? In one word – yes.

Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors Review - Never Take Them Off

The Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors Sound Absolutely Amazing

Put the Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors on, or rather in your ears, play your favorite tracks (or the music that you or your band have created), and you might never take them off. They sound absolutely outstanding, and more importantly, they offer great comfort which means that you can wear them for long periods of time without having to worry about strain or any kind of discomfort. The company says that these in-ear monitoring headsets are best suited for bass players and drummers. This means that the audio signature promotes a deep, rich kick in the lower regions of the frequency, but the bass lines still remain really crisp. The amount of punch to the bass is amazing, especially when you consider its rather miniscule form factor.

What about the vocals, guitars, and the rest of the band? It’s not just the bass that sound amazing for the Fender FXA2 but every part of the audio coming out of it. However, it can be noticeable that cymbal hits do not resonate too well as compared to even more expensive headsets on the market, but despite this particular model to be compact in size, it is still able to do a respectable job in that department.

As mentioned earlier, this particular pair of earphones are snug and comfortable to use. Therefore, even though you might already be sweating out as your rock out loud with your bandmates, the earphones won’t knock themselves off of your ear. To give you the idea as to how small the earphones are, these are even more compact than the typical noise-cancelling headphones that you usually see on the market.

Therefore, if you’re a drummer, bass player, or just a casual music listener, then the Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors can serve you well. It’s not just all about the bass, if you play some classical tunes with it, then you would still be able to get a massively enjoyable experience out of it. Just be prepared to put a dent on your budget when your purchase this.


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Fender FXA2 In-Ear Monitors Review – Never Take Them Off
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