Figment VR iPhone Case Review – Close, But no Cigar

Virtual reality, and even augmented reality are technologies that are gradually taking over people’s lives, whether for leisure or business, and the Figment VR is taking that thought towards iPhone users. When people talk about virtual reality, immersion comes into mind. This particular iPhone peripheral does give a virtual reality-like experience, it’s because it does give about a more convenient way to immerse an iPhone user in the VR realm, but not in the same way that a full-on VR headset can offer. However, it does bring about the convenience of letting owners and users of the Apple smartphone to experience virtual reality without lugging around a huge headset in their backpacks.

Figment VR iPhone Case Review - Close, But no Cigar

The Figment VR iPhone Case Brings a More Convenient Way to Experience Virtual Reality

So what is the concept behind the Figment VR? First of all, it comes in two color variations: black and white, and it offers a virtual reality experience to the viewer in a way that is more convenient as compared to a large VR headset. It is slim and very easy to carry (after all, it is just a smartphone case with some extras). All you have to do to start using it is slap it onto your iPhone, well that is if you have an iPhone 6 or 6s as other iPhone models are not currently (at the time of writing) supported by the case’s size.

The Figment VR iPhone Case is made out of polycarbonate and aluminum which means that it also plays a vital role in protecting your smartphone from the usual dangers. As mentioned earlier, the VR module is already built into the case which makes it very easy to watch 3D videos and play around with AR and VR apps in a more compact fashion. Also, the lenses are reportedly scratch-resistant, so they won’t get damaged when you place the phone inside your pocket, purse, backpack, or if you decide to just throw your phone on your bed at the day’s end.

Even though the Figment VR does offer a more compact way to experience virtual and augmented reality through your iPhone (and it is already compatible with a bunch of apps), it still could not compare with the experience that can be brought with a full-sized VR headset. However, the price and convenience of using it definitely makes it more accessible as many virtual reality headsets on the market do cost a ton.


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