Final Fantasy IX (Mobile) Review – Progress Made Easier

Final Fantasy IX has a delightful combination of impressive graphical technology, fantastic visual design, an interesting skill system, and a notable casts of ragtag heroes. It has the same radical power grab gone global threat plot like it has always been.

Final Fantasy IX (Mobile) Review - Progress Made Easier

New Things are Abundant in Final Fantasy IX (Mobile)

The first thing that the player might notice in the mobile version of Final Fantasy IX is its new and improved interface. With a decision for a virtual stick or a tap-to-move system that the player may change, it makes getting around the game much easier. It is somewhat annoying that there is a “dead zone” on the far left and right sides of the screen and using a virtual stick simply would not work, but it is by all means better than always using a digital pad placed over the screen all the time.

In Final Fantasy IX (Mobile), player can turn on or off enemy encounters by just tapping a button, even rapidly max out the character’s stats, max out the money, increase the game’s speed, and so on. There is also the ‘Continue’ feature wherein choosing ‘Continue’ from the main menu will eventually load the room where the character was left, regardless if the player saved the game or the ‘Boss’ in the area defeated the character. Saving the progress is still very important. It has a lot of save slots and the player does not need to worry about getting to a save point, it disregards the pain of getting the player’s party wiped out even if the progress has not been saved. It is basically the flawless thing to add to a mobile game.

Visual design for Final Fantasy IX has always been one of the good ones. As a matter of fact the details added to the 3D textures make the game even more pleasant to look at. The player can now make a lot more character detail, but it would still somewhat retain its unique style – in further disputes, it is not a tragic replication of what happened to Final Fantasy VI. The only problem with the graphics is that the backgrounds have not been given the side by side level of modification, which means that the crisp looking 3D characters stands out an awful lot over the to some extent gritty backgrounds. There are very visible alterations for the most part but the game still look as good as it did on the original PlayStation, and it is far less ostensible in some areas.


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Final Fantasy IX (Mobile) Review – Progress Made Easier
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