Final Fantasy XV – Bringing Square Enix the Money

Square Enix has just published their quarterly financial report and the figures that were found point to positive outlooks for the company, and one of the primary reasons is because of Final Fantasy XV. The 15th major installment to the Final Fantasy franchise has not yet been released, but it would seem the title is already giving the videogame firm a lot of success. This is because of the game’s rapid-selling pre-orders.

Final Fantasy XV - Bringing Square Enix the Money

Final Fantasy XV Pre-Orders Point to Good Sales Figures for Square Enix

As per Gamespot, Square Enix was able to generate $502-million in revenue within the previous quarter, and a good chunk of that figure comes from the pre-order sales of Final Fantasy XV. The total profit that came out was recorded at $87-million. Aside from the upcoming Final Fantasy title, the profit was also assisted in part by the PC and digital downloads sector, as with a strong set of console games.

The report did not dwell into the details as to how each of the games had performed. However, the core gaming division of Square Enix was able to generate $368-million in revenue alone. Furthermore, the operating income came up to $93-million. Some of the income generated was thanks in part of Dragon Quest Heroes II, in which did had a good start. Still, there was a lot of interest pertaining to sales coming from unreleased games, which of course included Final Fantasy 15.

As per Pure PlayStation, the pre-orders for the upcoming Final Fantasy title have consistently been selling out the PlayStation 4. There are the deluxe and limited editions of the game that do not last long within online retailers. Because of such a scenario, it does show some promise as to the game’s potential figures when it will launch on the 30th of September of this year.

In an analysis by ZhugeEx, it estimates that this Final Fantasy title could generate at least $260-million in profit for Square Enix. It is also expected that $470-million in revenue will be generated within the first 12-months of the game’s release. This is an optimistic figure which will place the game at 10-million units to be sold, and it will generate a gross revenue of $730-million.

While Final Fantasy XV hasn’t been released yet, Square Enix has been devoting their time and effort into marketing the game. These include a series of anime shorts entitled “Brotherhood,” in which it outlines the characters’ stories and relationships that will lead up to the main plot of the game.


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