Final Fantasy XV – Release Date Delayed to November 29

Final Fantasy XV has been in production and development for 10 years, so it wouldn’t hurt much if fans who are eagerly anticipating for the release of the game to wait for just a couple more months, right? That’s because Square Enix pushed back the release date to the 29th of November of this year, instead of the originally announced date of September 30. However, the delayed release is not one without explanation.

Final Fantasy XV - Release Date Delayed to November 29

Final Fantasy XV to be Launched on November 29 Instead of September 30

Director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, created a YouTube video about the predicament, and he tells fans as to why they had to make with this move. As per the director, the game’s “master version,” in which is all of the content that you will be able to get from the game disc itself, rather than just getting bits and pieces of it from demos, is already done. Now, should everything go according to plan, then the developers would be able to send the master version to Sony and Microsoft for a quality assurance test. The test would make sure that the disc, as well as all of its contents, are working with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles prior to its release. By doing so, they will be able to immediately address any bugs or concerns before the game’s global release.

However, the Final Fantasy XV director stated that the finished master version is still not yet of the highest quality that he and the team wanted for the game. In order to solve this issue, the developers are now currently working on a day-one patch in which players would have to download once they boot up the game for the first time when they start playing it. The changes involved would include improvements towards the master version. However still, he said that not all of the players would be able to acquire the patch because an Internet connection is required to download it. Therefore, the game won’t be at the highest level of quality that players can enjoy as what Tabata had envisioned in the first place.

With the two month delay, the team behind Final Fantasy XV will be able to implement the day-one patch directly onto the disc. Hence, there’s no more need for players to download it and would otherwise cause more time to wait prior to starting a new game. Additionally, Tabata said that the new version will include “some extra things on top of that.”


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Final Fantasy XV – Release Date Delayed to November 29
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