Finlux 48UXE304B-P Review – Decent Image Quality for the Right Price

There was a time when people were still skeptical about 4K UHD resolution TVs, but now the market is literally crawling with it, and another model to add to that now growing list is the Finlux 48UXE304B-P. It is being advertised as a 4K TV for the budget-conscious individual, and with its price tag for a 48-inch television set, it’s not that bad. It even comes with a Freeview Play tuner with roll-back program guide, along with a full-complement of TV services so that you don’t miss any more of your TV shows.

Finlux 48UXE304B-P Review - Decent Image Quality for the Right Price

The Finlux 48UXE304B-P Sweetens the Deal With Freeview Play

For the design of the Finlux 48UXE304B-P, it is what you would want in a television set – uncluttered with a clean cut. Because of such a design choice, it is quite easy to imagine this TV to fit in just about any home décor. The screen is wrapped around by a thin bezel, and there’s also a chrome trim wherein the only thing that breaks the design of the trim is the brand’s logo which can be found below the screen. As for the stand, or rather that of the feet, it can be found to the left and right of the mirror of the unit. Even though the feet does look like its metallic from afar, they are, in fact, made out of plastic.

As for connections on the 48UXE304B-P, you will be able to take advantage of four HDMI inputs, and all of which are HDCP 2.2-enabled. This means that you will be able to hook the TV up to your UHD Blu-ray players, along with other sources of 4K video. For the other connectivity options, you can make use of a component AV with stereo input, an optical audio output, PC VGA, three USB ports, a Mini Scart, and an AV 3.5-millimeter mini-jack. There’s also a CI slot, and the TV can be connected to a Wi-Fi network wirelessly.

But perhaps what matters most when looking for a TV set is the image performance, and for its price, the Finlux 48UXE304B-P, you will get sharp, color-rich images. However, there’s one huge shortcoming – 4K images don’t look good when you let the TV handle it. It is better to use one of the other modes instead of relying on Auto, because the images will look perilously small when you let the unit handle the 4K resolution images. Huge or not, this caveat can still be fixed just by opting for the other modes. Ultimately, this is still a TV model that is worth checking out.


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