Firefox – New Feature Lets You Hear Articles as You Browse

If you have a ton of work to do but then you stumble upon an interesting article that caught your attention, then let Firefox read it for you. Mozilla just updated its browser to include a new feature wherein users now have the option for text within a page to be read out aloud. This means that Reader Mode within the browser will now be able to narrate the article while you listen and let you have free reign on what you need to do without interruptions.

Firefox - New Feature Lets You Hear Articles as You Browse

Reader Mode in Mozilla Firefox Now Lets You Listen to Articles While You Work

As many Firefox users might already now, Reader Mode will be able to strip away all the clutter found on a webpage, such as advertisements, background images, and buttons, and changes the page’s text size, layout, and contrast for better readability. With the coming of this update, Mozilla also added other customization options within Reader Mode. Therefore, users will be able to adjust the texts and fonts whenever the feature is activated, and the aforementioned ability that allows the browser to narrate the text within the page for you. Also, if you want to do some late night reading, you can also read in the dark better while using the browser by changing the theme from light to dark.

These changes come after Mozilla FIrefox started rolling out what it called “the most significant update in our history,” to which this has been stated last month. The company also said that it adds “multi-process capabilities” in order to make the browser more responsive, which would also mean the less likely it will freeze or even crash. With the inclusion of these changes, it had resulted in a 400-percent improvement in overall responsiveness in Mozilla’s internal tests, according to Nick Nguyen, vice president of Firefox product, as what he wrote in a blog post.

The first roll out of the update only included users without the add-ons, but Mozilla is now expanding supports towards a “small set” of compatible extensions. This comes with a goal in mind, in which it brings the promised multi-process experience towards all users of the browser by next year.

Meanwhile, Firefox for mobile, particularly that of the Android version of the browser, is bringing a handy new feature into the mix. This new functionality allows users to access some previously viewed pages while offline. Hence, you will still be able to interact with previously viewed content even when your Android device is not connected to the Internet.


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