Fitbit Alta – A Stylish Fitness Band

What is the Fitbit Alta? It is what happens when Fitbit dons their thinking caps and makes a fitness tracker that’s made for the style conscious individual. When you’re jogging about around town, or when you’re lifting weights at your local gym, you wouldn’t think of others noticing your fitness band. But for those who are conscious about how they look when they’re dripping with sweat, the Alta might be your tracker of choice. Aside from being quite the stylish tracker, it also works like what you would expect from a fitness tracker.

Fitbit Alta - A Stylish Fitness Band

The Fitbit Alta is a Fitness Tracker for the Style Conscious

Perhaps the best thing about the Fitbit Alta is that it does not look like anything like the company’s last few generations of fitness bands. There are no wide straps in this one, nor chunky builds or thin displays What you’re going to get is that the device is dominated by a large, touch capacitive OLED display. It also has a sleek metallic core unit. Furthermore, the straps are all thinner than other generations of fitness trackers from Fitbit. But at the very least, it does not look like something that came out of a low-budget sci-fi movie.

One surprising move done on the Alta is that there are no signs of physical buttons on it, anywhere. This is because you don’t really need them on this one. It will automatically track your sleep and activities. You will be able to interact with the tracker just by raising your wrist, or you can double-tap on the display. Tapping on the bottom of the unit will cycle through the screen for you to see the basic fitness stats, and these include distance traveled, number of steps taken, active time, and also the calories burned.

At first glance, this fitness tracker automatically makes a good first impression. However, putting it on is another story. It does take a bit of effort putting it on, even when you’ve been wearing it on and off for weeks. The largest issue on the unit is its clasp implementation as it relies on getting the two prongs to fit into the device’s two holes, while demanding balance for the unit to make sure that it fits securely enough.

But once you are able to put it on securely, the Fitbit Alta will work like a charm. It will accurately count the steps and distance you made, as what the company has already done for their other devices for years. Furthermore, you will be happily surprised that it will not have any trouble in tracking any of your activities, may it be a 30-minute run or a long walk across town.


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Fitbit Alta – A Stylish Fitness Band
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