Fitbit Blaze Review – A Solid Choice for the Casual Runner

The Fitbit Blaze is being hailed as the “ultimate smart fitness watch,” at least that’s what the brand is advertising it to be. What this basically means is that this is Fitbit’s attempt to create a smartwatch-slash-fitness-tracker that has all the necessities packed into one device. It offers robust fitness tracking while still having the basic functionalities of a smartwatch such as receiving smartphone notifications. While it may offer more than your average activity tracker, it is best used for those who are on the lookout for their first fitness-centric wearable. Professionals or veterans in fitness might want to look elsewhere.

Fitbit Blaze Review – A Solid Choice for the Casual Runner

The Fitbit Blaze is a Great Choice for Those Who are Looking for Their First Fitness Tracker

One look at the Fitbit Blaze and you might mistake it for an average smartwatch rather than a fitness tracker. The device consists of a 1.2-inch detachable face that has a 240 x 180-pixel resolution colored screen. Speaking of the face, it has a metal frame that can be placed within a rubber textured strap. When talking about the strap, those who have previously owned or experienced other Fitbit wearable devices won’t see anything different here.

Is the Blaze beautiful to look at? While it might not be the prettiest fitness tracker on the market, it still looks nicer than other sports-centric fitness watches out there, especially when you compare it to the likes of the Razer Nabu Watch.

Another thing that separates this particular fitness tracker than the rest, even with Fitbit’s other wearable devices, is the aforementioned colored screen. There are past Fitbit wearable devices that only have the basic monochrome displays. The switch to make the screen colored makes a lot of difference, even though it doesn’t have the same performance as an AMOLED screen.

If there is one major complaint to bring about for this particular fitness tracker is that it steps into smartwatch territory a bit too far in. This means that there are a bit too many compromises when talking about its sports functionalities. To start, this fitness tracker is not waterproof, albeit it can withstand splashes of rain or the accidental splash of water.

Furthermore, the Fitbit Blaze doesn’t have a dedicated GPS built into it. Hence, it won’t appeal too much for runners or joggers. While its tracking features are as competent with other Fitbit devices, or even other fitness trackers on the market, it is clear that it is made for casual users rather than those veterans in the fitness industry.


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