Fitbit Charge 2 Review – The Best Fitbit To-Date

If you’re looking for a kind of Fitbit to be your first wearable fitness tracker, then you might want to consider the Fitbit Charge 2. In fact, it might only be the only fitness tracker that you will ever need. It allows you to swap out its bands with different other designs, and it also features an multi-line OLED display. Speaking of its screen, it lets you take a look at the time and other pieces of information pertaining to fitness. It even has a great companion app and a five-day battery life. And perhaps the best part about this fitness tracker is that it is found in a relatively reasonable price point.

Fitbit Charge 2 Review - The Best Fitbit To-Date

The Fitbit Charge 2 Might be Your First and Only Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 2 uses similar bands to that of the Fitbit Charge HR. As such, if you have a Fitbit Charge HR lying around your home and have some extra bands to spare, you can swap them out with this second-generation Charge wearable device. Battery life is the same within the Charge HR, but there’s little to complain about 5-days of continuous use, particularly if you consider it’s always on heart-rate tracking. What’s clearly different at first glance is that it now uses a larger display than that of the Charge HR. Hence, it fits more information on the screen than ever before.

As for the design, it is now made sharper, albeit still a bit bulky. It has a steel body and a glass-covered screen. You can also swap out the bands for leather or rubber variants. While the Charge 2 doesn’t have the most jawdroppingly aesthetic design that you can find on a wearable fitness tracker, its watch-style buckle does offer a secure fit.

Its display is not always on, but it does have a “lift to look” feature. Otherwise, you can tap on the display to spring it to life, or you can also press the side button. Speaking of the side button, using it allows you to shift between modes on the tracker. When you tap on the display, it will bring up additional pieces of data such as the estimated calorie burnt, your resting heart rate, or your pace.

Other features on the Fitbit Charge 2 include an exercise tracking mode, always-on heart-rate tracking, a stopwatch, and a new “Relax” mindfulness app. As for other notifications from the connected smartphone, they are limited but it’s better than nothing. What’s missing on this model is that it is not water-resistant so you can’t take it during your swims or showers, and it also lacks GPS. Other than those quibbles, this is a highly-performing fitness tracker that you might not want to let go of (except for when you need to charge it).


Where to buy Fitbit Charge 2?

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