Fitbit Flex 2 Review – Get Ready for a Great Second Offering

Take note that the Fitbit Flex has been around the market since the year 2013, and if you’re a fan of the original fitness tracker, then know that the Fitbit Flex 2 is now also available on the market. It might be the most expensive wearable on the market, but it is certainly packed with features. Now, it even adds more customization, as well as it is now water resistant, which means you can now bring it along when you  swim.

Fitbit Flex 2 Review - Get Ready for a Great Second Offering

You Can Now Bring the Fitbit Flex 2 to the Pool

As for the design of the Fitbit Flex 2, it is slim, comfortable, and quite tiny. Furthermore, it is available with a wide array of colors and straps. As mentioned earlier, it is now water resistant, and it is compact enough that you can even wear it alongside your wristwatch, that is if you don’t mind wearing two wearable devices on the same wrist (or you can put one device on the other wrist, if you can get used to it).

How small is it? The Flex 2 is just about a centimeter wide. Also, this width is more-or-less the same across the entire fitness tracker. The brand even says that it is 30-percent tinier than the original Fitbit Flex. Looking at it, you would find that the design doesn’t actually deviate from the first model, except that it is now made tinier.

The main benefit of having such a tiny tracker is that you can replace the band, and there is a bunch of them to choose from. There are even some version that would denote a modern-minimalistic approach, or you can even bring about a jazzier pink color into an otherwise simple-looking wearable. When you purchase the device, you will be able to choose from four colors, them being black, magenta, navy blue, and lavender. However, there are separately sold strap colors available as well.

As for the brains behind the Fitbit Flex 2, nothing much has changed, and even the battery life. Speaking of its battery, this is still the area where the device fails the most. Do note that it has already been a while since the original Flex came into the market, but does make you wonder why the battery life hasn’t been improved. Also, the battery takes a bit longer to charge as compared to other fitness trackers on the market. But if you can make do with its slight shortcomings, then you can still have a pretty solid tracker on your wrist with this one.


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Fitbit Flex 2 Review – Get Ready for a Great Second Offering
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